Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 4.

Thursday, Day 4.

Woke up feeling pretty good. I still only got 6 1/2 hours of sleep and woke up at 7 a.m. Instead of getting up I just laid on my mat and relaxed until 10 a.m. I went out for a solo 10 mile run. I was very surprised with how my legs felt, they did not feel tired and I was able to get into a fluid running form right from the get go.

After my run, I ate a turkey sandwich and began drinking beers. My friend Kyle made an appearance and convinced me to play beer ball. By the end of the game I had polished off 11 beers before my second run.

David Adley and I had made plans to do my second run together. David lives in Richmond but was making one of his regular appearances in the Gary to perform with Liam at Berrets.  He found me complaining about how I had drank too much before our run. Nevertheless, I had to do it, but we stayed mainly in the trails, as it was getting really hot. We polished off a 66 minute run for 10 miles. The first 20 minutes was a little rough, but my head cleared up and it turned out to be a very pleasant run.

The run left me feeling pretty weird. I was tired and very hungry. I began chugging water and ordered 6 spicy chicken nuggets, 2 jr. deluxe cheeseburgers and a chicken sandwich from Wendy's. I started drinking while eating, while watching "Moonrise Kingdom." I started getting really sleepy so I went up to my room and took a nap. I set my alarm for 9 p.m. to make sure that I did not over sleep. I woke up before my alarm to Ted jumping and screaming in my room. I still was super tired and felt extremely groggy. But a couple minutes later I started drinking again, but due to the 11 beers prior I didn't really need to drink very much.

The night was pretty low-key. No one was really playing any exciting games. We were all just chatting and catching up, as some people had not seen each other in some time. The guys left to go to the bars, but because I have to drink Bud Heavies, and keep it documented, I didn't go to the bars with them. I ended up playing a little Naruto and hanging out with Dave until 1 a.m. and went to bed feeling pretty good about the overall production of the day.

Day Count: 20 miles, 18 beers.
Total Count: 71 miles, 71 beers.

To Skeet-Elite: The diet from Day 3 consisted of Wendy's, Dominoes and some pasta.

Also, the "Trailer" is now up, courtesy to my director John.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 3.

Woke up today (Wed.) feeling a little rough. The previous night left me pretty tired, as I got only 6 hours of sleep, because Thomas and I were playing Naruto for a long time. I actually have been only averaging 5-6 hours of sleep every night since May 21st, which is starting to become noticeable in this challenge. Also, the game plan has changed, I want to run 100 miles and drink 100 beers in 6 days instead of 7.

John wanted to film the run for the documentary so he asked me to do a road loop for my morning run. There are not many nice road loops in Williamsburg that would give me 9-10 so we did a run designated as "QP". QP isn't shaded very well and it was 90 degrees out. Most of the run I felt fine, however my legs felt stripped during the first mile, but came back nicely. I was pretty surprised with the pace that I was running, as I checked a mile split and went through in 6:02. All of the hills were miserable, my heart rate would instantly spike and I felt like I was going to throw up every time.

I was happy with how last night turned out and I was feeling really tired so after the run I took it easy and relaxed. Around 2, I drank two beers and then laid down to take a nap. Once I finally fell asleep the smoke detector checkers (don't know their official title) came barging in our house and screaming, "Anyone home?" Naturally, I didn't answer, however they kept screaming and finally barged into my room looking for another smoke detector not knowing that I was in there. My nap was unsuccessful.

I went for my run around 4 p.m. and ended up running 11 miles for the second guy. I felt a lot better on this run then in the morning, as we hit up trails and I went at a slower pace. The last 3 miles were a struggle though and cresting the hill back to Matoaka was not pleasant.

I took to drinking around 6:30 and finished off 16 1/2 beers for the night. Thomas kicked over a half full beer when he was passing off an N64 controller (I won't be counting the 1/2 beer and will be drinking the "Thomas' mistake" beer). A good amount of people came over to the house and we played some Mario Party and various other drinking games. Sadly, I got annihilated in Mario Party.

Looking forward, I think this one is in the bag. I am at the half-way point for doing it in six days and I am sitting pretty.

Day Total: 20 miles, 16 beers.
The count: 51 miles, 53 beers.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 2.

Sorry for keeping my avid reader(s) (Cabell) waiting for so long, unlike the day before --Lewis-- I got housed last night and definitely wasn't able to write.

I woke up around 10 a.m. (this is Tuesday) and lied in bed for 30 minutes to collect myself. I actually felt great and had not felt that good since last Wednesday morning before my regional 10,000m. race (for obvious reasons that culminate an end of a dry season). John and Thomas were coming over at 11. Thus, I had about 30 minutes to kill. I drank a decent amount of water, but was not hungover so I decided to frat my first beer of the day. Ten minutes later, I went for my first run of the day. The run felt great besides the fact that my left hip was acting up. I ran the first 3 miles with T-Bakes and then did the last 5 miles on my own-- I was rolling the last 5 miles.

After my run I took some time to get hydrated with some water and then drank a couple more beers while eating 3 Taco Bell Crunchy Beefy Burritos. During the past three days I have consumed 10 Beefy Crunchy Burritos-- words cannot describe how excited John, Thomas, and I are that T-Bell brought it back.

Liam, John and I wanted to play some wiff so we went out to search for a bat. For whatever reason no store in Wiliamsburg has a wiffle ball bat and they only provide the huge "Whamo" sucker bats. This took about an hour of driving around to different locales and all I could think about was how thirsty I was for my Bud Heavies. Finally, we got back to the house after finding a bat in our locker room (where we should have checked in the first place) and I grabbed another 3 beers and we hit to the fields. It was pretty hot out on the field, but it was a great time. Liam is the cream of the class with a variety of pitches and fearless at bats.

Right after wiff, around 6 p.m., I went out for second run with six sloshing around. I was definitely inebriated for this run, which I quickly realized with my first couple steps. Twelve minutes in, I almost twisted my ankle pretty bad, but I shook it off and finished another 8 miles. The run was pretty easy I still have not had a moment where I felt as if I was going to throw up (writing this a day later and running on the roads at 90 degrees I know that this is no longer the case).

While on my run, I thought about how I kind of wanted to put some beers in the bank for the week and maybe changing my goals to 120/120 or 100/100 in six days. So when I got home, I ate another 2 T-Bell burritos and began drinking. As the night progressed, I ended up drinking 22 beers for the day and raising my tally to 37 beers in 2 days.

The night was filled with some Heat beating (:, some grueling beer pong games and a pretty 27-5 record in Naruto. I went to bed around 2:30, which was probably a mistake. I hadn't realized that it had gotten so late-- yes Lewis I was indeed very drunk for this night.

Day Count: 16 miles, 22 beers.
Total Count: 31 miles, 37 beers.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 1.

Day 1 is officially in the books. Currently, I am sitting in my room alone in my house listening to The-Dream, as everyone has a girlfriend to attend to... don't know how that happened.

Today, started with me waking up to a text from the director, John Muller, asking if I was alive at 9 a.m. I said, yes. He continued to ask if he should come over? I felt like ass from the prior night, but I replied, lets do it.

The first run was very rough. I did not drink any water to hydrate and while I was running my heart was racing. Throughout the run John was filming at different locations to document the first run, which made the solo run a little better, as I could look forward to seeing John tucked away in weird and surprising areas to get "great" shots. [Side note: During and after the run was the first time I thought that there was a chance that this would be more difficult than I had previously thought.]

After the run, I lounged and watched "Arrested Development" (John is catching up on all the seasons, before seeing the new season that is listed on Netflix). We got Wendy's for lunch, which was the revitalization that I needed. Prior to lunch, I had no motivation to continue. We brought the Wendy's back and I started my first beer. One beer lead to another, but I forced a cap of 5 beers at 2 p.m. so that my second run might go smoothly. We watched the NCAA Lacrosse National Championship game, while finishing off the day beers.

At 4 p.m., a couple of friends met up to run with me. I had completed 7 miles in the morning and I wanted to get 8 in for the evening run -- I am hoping to have an even week, where I run about 15 miles and drink 15 beers a day. Before I started the second run, I had a good amount of water so that I would be hydrated. I did feel a little buzzed at 2, nothing too heavy and that feeling went away after my second glass of water. The run went by easy and smooth. It was incredibly better than the morning run, which was encouraging.

The evening/night consisted with 10 more beers being consumed, while watching "Arrested Development" with some friends. I did not get tight from the next 10 beers, because it was so paced out. I think in the future I will drink the beers a little faster so that I can feel the buzz a little earlier and prevent myself from just sipping on Budweiser like it is water. I finished my 15th beer at 12:30 a.m.

Hopefully, these crack recaps are slightly entertaining. If you want to know more or want me to include any other information feel free to comment and I will be sure to include it in the next post. 

Day Total: 15 beers, 15 miles.
Total Count: 15 beers, 15 miles.
Again, there will be a more inclusive documentary to come.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The start.

The blog name, "One-Hundred Beers, One-Hundred Miles", is inspired by an event/competition/goal that I am starting tomorrow. The task is pretty simple: drink 100 beers and run 100 miles within a week period. There are couple small rules: the participant cannot drink any light beer (my choice is Bud "heavy"), every run has to be a certified, mapped out run, and if a participant vomits there is a penalty of an extra beer to be added to the final total, other than that it is pretty simple.

My friend, John Muller, will be doing a video documentation of the event that will be posted later on the blogsite. He purchased a GoPro so that we could have the versatility of quality filming while running and drinking. Also, I will have some help from numerous friends that are still stuck in the miserable "Gary" that is Williamsburg, VA as they will provide key companionship on runs and recreation.

We are making the final preparations for the event by buying many cases of Budweiser, mapping out the course, and properly getting a little tight.

This event is the capper to my long track season, as it has officially ended. It should be very interesting. I am going into it very confident. I have doubters. I have believers. In the end "it will come down to 13 minutes of pain Charlie."