Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 1.

Day 1 is officially in the books. Currently, I am sitting in my room alone in my house listening to The-Dream, as everyone has a girlfriend to attend to... don't know how that happened.

Today, started with me waking up to a text from the director, John Muller, asking if I was alive at 9 a.m. I said, yes. He continued to ask if he should come over? I felt like ass from the prior night, but I replied, lets do it.

The first run was very rough. I did not drink any water to hydrate and while I was running my heart was racing. Throughout the run John was filming at different locations to document the first run, which made the solo run a little better, as I could look forward to seeing John tucked away in weird and surprising areas to get "great" shots. [Side note: During and after the run was the first time I thought that there was a chance that this would be more difficult than I had previously thought.]

After the run, I lounged and watched "Arrested Development" (John is catching up on all the seasons, before seeing the new season that is listed on Netflix). We got Wendy's for lunch, which was the revitalization that I needed. Prior to lunch, I had no motivation to continue. We brought the Wendy's back and I started my first beer. One beer lead to another, but I forced a cap of 5 beers at 2 p.m. so that my second run might go smoothly. We watched the NCAA Lacrosse National Championship game, while finishing off the day beers.

At 4 p.m., a couple of friends met up to run with me. I had completed 7 miles in the morning and I wanted to get 8 in for the evening run -- I am hoping to have an even week, where I run about 15 miles and drink 15 beers a day. Before I started the second run, I had a good amount of water so that I would be hydrated. I did feel a little buzzed at 2, nothing too heavy and that feeling went away after my second glass of water. The run went by easy and smooth. It was incredibly better than the morning run, which was encouraging.

The evening/night consisted with 10 more beers being consumed, while watching "Arrested Development" with some friends. I did not get tight from the next 10 beers, because it was so paced out. I think in the future I will drink the beers a little faster so that I can feel the buzz a little earlier and prevent myself from just sipping on Budweiser like it is water. I finished my 15th beer at 12:30 a.m.

Hopefully, these crack recaps are slightly entertaining. If you want to know more or want me to include any other information feel free to comment and I will be sure to include it in the next post. 

Day Total: 15 beers, 15 miles.
Total Count: 15 beers, 15 miles.
Again, there will be a more inclusive documentary to come.


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  2. can you give me the munsell number of your glow?

  3. Friday January 22nd, 2010: "As i was walking out, I thought to myself is this a joke? Like you got to be kidding, i just couldn't believe this woman and how she didnt even ask me to leave or try to get her friends to be a little more respectful, as i was clearly trying to work and was their first. Obviously she had no respect and could give a shit about me or having any manner of politeness. It really infuriates me that people can just be so stuck up. My trip out was not in vain though, as I was getting pretty hungry and headed over to the library, where instead of work beign done, i started this paltry blog."

  4. Josh,
    Lets get some quotes....like something you say before the run...during the run...and after