Sunday, May 26, 2013

The start.

The blog name, "One-Hundred Beers, One-Hundred Miles", is inspired by an event/competition/goal that I am starting tomorrow. The task is pretty simple: drink 100 beers and run 100 miles within a week period. There are couple small rules: the participant cannot drink any light beer (my choice is Bud "heavy"), every run has to be a certified, mapped out run, and if a participant vomits there is a penalty of an extra beer to be added to the final total, other than that it is pretty simple.

My friend, John Muller, will be doing a video documentation of the event that will be posted later on the blogsite. He purchased a GoPro so that we could have the versatility of quality filming while running and drinking. Also, I will have some help from numerous friends that are still stuck in the miserable "Gary" that is Williamsburg, VA as they will provide key companionship on runs and recreation.

We are making the final preparations for the event by buying many cases of Budweiser, mapping out the course, and properly getting a little tight.

This event is the capper to my long track season, as it has officially ended. It should be very interesting. I am going into it very confident. I have doubters. I have believers. In the end "it will come down to 13 minutes of pain Charlie."


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