Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 3.

Woke up today (Wed.) feeling a little rough. The previous night left me pretty tired, as I got only 6 hours of sleep, because Thomas and I were playing Naruto for a long time. I actually have been only averaging 5-6 hours of sleep every night since May 21st, which is starting to become noticeable in this challenge. Also, the game plan has changed, I want to run 100 miles and drink 100 beers in 6 days instead of 7.

John wanted to film the run for the documentary so he asked me to do a road loop for my morning run. There are not many nice road loops in Williamsburg that would give me 9-10 so we did a run designated as "QP". QP isn't shaded very well and it was 90 degrees out. Most of the run I felt fine, however my legs felt stripped during the first mile, but came back nicely. I was pretty surprised with the pace that I was running, as I checked a mile split and went through in 6:02. All of the hills were miserable, my heart rate would instantly spike and I felt like I was going to throw up every time.

I was happy with how last night turned out and I was feeling really tired so after the run I took it easy and relaxed. Around 2, I drank two beers and then laid down to take a nap. Once I finally fell asleep the smoke detector checkers (don't know their official title) came barging in our house and screaming, "Anyone home?" Naturally, I didn't answer, however they kept screaming and finally barged into my room looking for another smoke detector not knowing that I was in there. My nap was unsuccessful.

I went for my run around 4 p.m. and ended up running 11 miles for the second guy. I felt a lot better on this run then in the morning, as we hit up trails and I went at a slower pace. The last 3 miles were a struggle though and cresting the hill back to Matoaka was not pleasant.

I took to drinking around 6:30 and finished off 16 1/2 beers for the night. Thomas kicked over a half full beer when he was passing off an N64 controller (I won't be counting the 1/2 beer and will be drinking the "Thomas' mistake" beer). A good amount of people came over to the house and we played some Mario Party and various other drinking games. Sadly, I got annihilated in Mario Party.

Looking forward, I think this one is in the bag. I am at the half-way point for doing it in six days and I am sitting pretty.

Day Total: 20 miles, 16 beers.
The count: 51 miles, 53 beers.


  1. As the day continued, shit got progressively worse. I had very little time to study for my Mythology exam and i got back my dismal english paper. I have never felt so poorly and lowly about a single academic thing in my life. It was just full of critiques and not useful critiques, just bascially telling me i am a fucker. - Feb 23rd 2010

  2. At first glance....I thought beer was spilled on the controller....whew